Robotic Sheet Gluing Machine

  • Precision 4-axis robotic system
  • Programmable 2D dispensing pattern
  • Programmable Z-index movement to maintain correct height above stack
  • Actuated plunger for precision dispensing
  • Open, light-curtain controlled access for safety and efficiency

Z-fold Stacking Machine

  • High-speed dual pick & place to load separating plates from alternating sides
  • Secures plates while wrapping in alternating directions for Z-fold pattern
  • Web tension maintained
  • Quick cartridge-based loading and unloading of components and complete stacks
  • Counterbalanced door for easy access

Hundreds More..

Our primary business is the design and fabrication of special purpose machinery.  We have developed a range of products including:

  • Custom machinery, tooling, fixtures and process equipment.
  • Adhesive dispensing equipment, rotary and x-y servo based.
  • Product development and prototype services.
  • Material handling equipment and Parker-IPS extrusion frames and guard.
  • Water uptake weigh scale and data collection systems for greenhouses,
  • Various industry-specific automation equipment and accessories.

Though most of our products are custom designed, the systems and technologies we've developed can likely be adapted to your needs. Otherwise, we'll work with your engineers to develop new ways to accomplish your goals. Please call us to discuss your application.