Energy Recovery Equipment

Depiction of Corrugator Equipment

Foil Perforator & Corrugator

  • Handles variable widths with configurable punch
  • Corrugates to 3 pitches
  • Cuts sheets to programmable length
  • Feeds outputs into stacker unit
Depiction of X-Pleater


  • Builds square stack of corrugated foil, with sheets diagonally wrapped in membrane and taped
  • Advanced design ensures precision build
  • Designs available to suit any stack height
  • Humidifier membrane and tape feed are spool fed, only sheet placement is by operator
  • Full safety guarding (not shown)

Z-fold Stacking Machine

  • High-speed dual pick & place to load separating plates from alternating sides
  • Secures plates while wrapping in alternating directions for Z-fold pattern
  • Web tension maintained
  • Quick cartridge-based loading and unloading of components and complete stacks
  • Counterbalanced door for easy access