Commonwealth Automation

Automatic TUC RUC Test Station
Automatic TUC RUC Test Station
  • Measure thickness and resistance of materials under compression up to 11kN, with 35 mm stroke
  • Fully automated testing (up to 50 pressure setpoints) with TEST/PASS/FAIL/DONE Screens, plots, and .CSV data records
  • Precision-ground, gold-plated probes supplied with spares
  • Precision Power Supply (30V, 20A)
  • Innovative self-aligning, frictionless, servo-driven probe system
  • 0.5µm thickness resolution with machine deflection correction
  • Self-contained workstation with large sample handling surface
  • Includes Windows 10 PC with graphical display of feedback during testing
  • Supply and gauge data acquisition availablea
  • Two-handed safety switches